Project Management: WidgetMart

(Cont.) WidgetMart plans to update their talent management tracking system and logistics tools to a paperless and mobile digital system known as the Employee Performance Support System (EPSS). The project entails developing the new EPSS program and providing the stores with new mobile devices to run the software.

The transition will touch every area of the company’s business, so the transition requires careful planning. Below is the complete Statement of Work (SOW) for the plan in PDF, and an Excel document that includes a project timeline (without the Gannt chart), a communication plan, resource allocation plan (budgeting), and project close-out checklist. The project plan also allows for several rounds of testing of the EPSS program and mobile technology integration in the stores before the final rollout to ensure the rollout will work as planned.

See links below for project management documents.

Statement of Work (SOW)

Project Management Matrix (Excel)


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